LEC/EEPB Grad Student presentations

Living Earth Collaborative/Evolution Ecology & Population Biology seminar


Rhiannon Vargas: Microbiome of dairy farm workers have compositional similarities to that of dairy cows
Justin Baldwin: Avian adaptation to thermal gradients
Sean McHugh: Macroevolutionary Shifts in both Realized and Fundamental Biome Affinities
Ethan Abercrombie: The Effects of Climate Change on Small-mammal Communities in the Sierra Nevada

Living Earth Collaborative/Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology seminars are hybrid. Those who wish to join virtually can watch the livestream on youtube

All presentations are archived on the LEC Channel for watching at a later date: Presentation Archive

NOTE:  Seminars will be presented LIVE in Rebstock 322 as well as Livestreamed. Receptions will be held outside of Bayer Hall.  In the event of inclement weather, they will be held in Rebstock 309.