Biology Inclusion Committee

Biology Inclusion Committee Mission Statement

The Biology Inclusion Committee is focused on furthering inclusion, equity, and diversity throughout the department. The committee includes representatives from the tenured/tenure-track faculty, teaching faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students. The committee solicits input from department members in the form of confidential meetings and anonymous comment submission. The committee presents at departmental gatherings, provides orientation information to new members of the department, and organizes informational and training events. Meetings between the committee and similar committees in other departments are aimed at establishing best practices and coordinating across departments.

Committee Members

Carlos Botero, Assistant Professor of Biology

Bruce Carlson, Associate Professor of Biology, Inclusion Committee Chair

Mitchell Kundel, Biology Lecturer

Kim McManemy, Human Resources and Payroll Supervisor

Cheryl Mensah, Undergraduate Student

Rachel Penczykowski, Assistant Professor of Biology

Ivan Radin, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Rhiannon Vargas, Graduate Student

Angela Weatherspoon, Administrative Coordinator


We want your input!

The Biology Inclusion Committee welcomes input from all members of the community on ways the department can better foster an inclusive environment. Individuals are welcome to set up a one-on-one or group meeting with any of the committee members listed above for a confidential conversation. Alternatively, comments may be submitted anonymously to all members of the committee using the form below. All input will be kept in the strictest confidence by the committee. The committee is unable to investigate interpersonal conflicts or potential policy violations. For guidance on addressing interpersonal conflicts or potential policy violations, the Offices of the Ombuds serve as confidential, independent, and impartial resources. For filing a formal complaint, contact Human Resources. If you are unsure whether you wish to file a formal complaint with Human Resources, you can contact Andrew Johnstone or Kim McManemy in the Biology Department for guidance on addressing interpersonal conflicts or potential policy violations.

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