Administrative Assistant Position Available in Biology Department

This position is full-time and works approximately 37.5 hours per week. This position is in the Department of  Biology; School of Arts & Sciences.  This position is for the Danforth Campus. This position performs tasks and responsibilities in support of the Department of Biology related to event coordination, travel logistics/arrangement, and faculty/staff support. This position works as a frontline to the department supporting internal and external requests.

  1. Department Logistics/Management/Coordination:
  • Event coordination, travel arrangement, and logistical support for department events.
  • Support and manage all travel arrangements for workshops, symposium speakers, visiting academics including postdoc visits, faculty members traveling for academic purposes, using university cost measure protocols and within grant-funded guidelines. Events and programs include:  Department Seminars, Hall Lecture, Hamburger Lecture, Varner Lecture, GEP, GEA, Faculty Search, BP-ENDURE program.
  • In addition, hotel arrangements, expense reimbursements, and professional communication with visitors (both oral and written) are critical.
  1. Event Support:
  • Support for workshops and symposiums that our faculty are PI.  Specifically five GEP workshops per year, Department Seminars, PMB Lunches, EEPB Seminars, Bioforums, Department Gatherings, numerous academic grant-supported workshops, etc.
  • Evaluates and recommends purchasing sources. Support includes coordinating ordering and distribution of supplies, while working with venders to establish and verify terms; keeping careful records of expenses per workshop; and reacting and solving any problems that arise.
  • Organize catering and reservations for department events, lunches, lab meetings. Organize refreshments and snacks for meetings.
  • Responsible for Procurement Card purchases for department supplies; while providing appropriate documentation and grant numbers to the forms for SPA approval.
  • Driving biology vehicle as needed for special events or purchases.
  1. Administrative:

  • Provide administrative support and assist all 300+ faculty, lecturers, staff, postdocs, and students with classroom materials.
  • Copying and preparing handouts, performing website updates:
    • Assist with mass copying of exams for our biology classes including our large BIO 2960, 2970, 3058 classes.  Maintaining a locked file system for all exams. Returning unclaimed exams to the appropriate faculty member.
    • Lectures, notes, PowerPoints, exams.
    • Assist room set up and materials.
    • Maintain spreadsheets, databases, and records.
    • Assist Faculty with arranging itineraries for invited guest speakers.
  • Coordinate scheduling of visiting students through the Office of Admissions.
  • Heads the development and management of the entire Bioforum series scheduling.
  • Maintain Department website information:
    • Update event scheduling on the department website.
  • Data entry:
    • Inputting confidential research data, and workshop evaluation information.
  • Provide department announcements, by the creation and posting of flyers and advertising all symposium/seminars for the department.
  • Regularly maintains departmental seminar/workshop calendars which has about 6-7 events per week.
    • These events include department-wide events, graduate student and recruitment events, departmental seminars including Bioforum on Fridays; weekly Monday seminars that require receptions; PMB noon seminars; History and Philosophy of Science seminars; EEPB seminars and other journal clubs who meet throughout the year.
  • Monitor scheduled calendars for room reservations for a variety of available conference and meetings rooms for faculty, staff, and students.
  1. General:
  • Maintenance and up keeping of faculty and staff common areas:
  • Maintenance of the copy room with three copy machines generating thousands of copies each week.  Ordering supplies, make repairs (as capable) or contacting technicians for more extensive repairs.
  • Maintenance of faculty lounge including running dishwasher daily for reusable mugs, maintain coffee supply, and cleaning and maintaining the area.
  • Maintenance of mailroom, distribution of mail, and stocking of supplies. 

Required Qualifications:

  • High school education and at least 2 years in an office/support role.
  • Mastery of word processing software like Office 365.
  • Some website maintenance experience, demonstrated ability to learn and master new software and programs.
  • Some proficiency in internet research and use of database programs.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Drivers license with the ability to get a “E” license upon hire.
  • Maintain confidential material, detail oriented with budgets, follow protocols.
  • Responsible for travel arrangements that must fall with the grant guidelines (eg US carrier only).
  • Ability to lift 25-50 lbs. Successful candidate must be able to meet the physical demands of the position, including walking substantial distances, unloading supplies from vehicles, bending, stooping, repetitive wrist and finger movement, pushing carts and setting up events.

Candidates can apply by navigating to and searching for the job opening number 44869.