New undergraduate student group: Wash U Women in STEM

Biology major Judy Yoo, inspired by the Scientista conference she attended last spring, is starting an organization dedicated to supporting women in STEM here at Wash U, by partnering with the Scientista Foundation (

Here's a link to the group sign up sheet:

A brief description about Wash U Women in STEM: 

At Washington University in St. Louis while there are many clubs and organizations devoted to women in separate disciplines, there aren't any overarching groups that include women in all STEM fields. As women in science, we face a number of roadblocks in our studies due to a skewed faculty ratio, frequent microaggressions, and ill-representation in the field.

We aim to change the patriarchal culture in higher science education by creating a strong network of women scientists who can uplift each other through mentorship. For further information, please sign up on the form provided and come to our first meeting on 10/10 from 6-7PM.