Two Biology Graduate Students will be attending the CGI U meeting

Eric Hamilton and Amelia Nguyen were invited to attend on the strength of their outreach projects

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Eric Hamilton
Collaborative Urban Agriculture Development in St. Louis
Eric’s commitment to action will bridge divides between the extensive and varied plant science community in St. Louis and robust urban agriculture programs in the city. By improving dialogue and mutual respect between these groups, Eric aims to create a strong agricultural community capable of tackling modern agricultural problems in an urban setting. Strengthening the city’s ability to meet agricultural needs sustainably in this century will place the region in a position to grow economically and sustainably.

Amelia Nguyen
WU ProSPER: Broadcasting Innovation in Environmental Research and Policy
Washington University (WU) Graduate Students Promoting Science Policy, Education, and Research (ProSPER) commits to launching a broadcasted lecture series featuring WU academics and industry leaders at the forefront of environmental research and policy-making. ProSPER is a recently launched CGI U Commitment and commits to expanding its inaugural programs to include both the WU professional and St. Louis communities . The goal is to promote constituent support for clean energy alternatives in a state that continues to rely on coal-derived sources of energy.