Research technician position available in the Chalker Lab

Per the Chancellor’s office, the university is instituting a hiring freeze for Danforth and Central Fiscal Unit (CFU) positions as of 3/31/30 in response to the COVID-19 situation.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your interest in employment at Washington University.  Please refer to our website in coming weeks for updates regarding future employment opportunities.  We wish good health to you and your family in these trying times.

This position is full-time and works approximately 37.5 hours per week.  Work hours could vary depending on the experiments. This position is in the Department of Biology.  This position is for the Danforth Campus in the School of Arts & Sciences.  Occasional travel to the Medical School may be required.

We are seeking an intellectually curious laboratory technician to support and advance our work investigating mechanisms of cellular patterning in the complex protozoan Tetrahymena. The primary duties of this position include applying molecular biology approaches to generate DNA constructs for gene tagging, phenotypic rescue, and gene disruption experiments that will be used to create transgenic strains. This individual will be responsible for guiding the creation of constructs and strains to visualize various organelles and cytoskeletal structures and will ensure this resource is well integrated with the Tetrahymena Stock Center for rapid, easy dissemination.

Primary Duties:

  1. With the principal investigator, assist in the conception, design and execution of molecular genetics experiments and assays and maintaining records of the approaches and results.
  2. Use molecular biology approaches for generating DNA constructs and use them to generate transgenic Tetrahymena strains.
  3. Optimize new approaches, such as CRISPR mediated genome editing to improve lab performance.
  4. Coordinate lab activities with the Tetrahymena Stock Center to prepare for its move to Washington University.
  5. Assist with laboratory maintenance, ordering of supplies, and training and coordinating the activities of undergraduate research assistants.
  6. Perform other duties as assigned, such as attending lab meetings and relevant seminars.

Required Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in biology, genetics, biochemistry or related areas and one year of independent laboratory experience, which could come from combined internships, research for credit or work experience.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Prior research experience, especially related to molecular biology, microbiology and/or cell biology.
  • Excellent technical and communication skills.
  • Ability to be honest and reliable.

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