Peter Hoch

Honorary Adjunct Professor of Biology
PhD, Washington University
BS, Stanford University
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    Peter Hoch is interested in understanding plant evolution on a broad scale, why some species and genera are so successful (sometimes even invasive) and why other closely related taxa are rare or threatened.

    The plant family Onagraceae is his model system of choice. He asks sophisticated questions about the evolution of the group, how its genome has evolved, what morphological characters have been key in the diversification of certain groups, and others.

    Professor Hoch has developed a strong interest in understanding the impacts of human-influenced environmental changes, and has established a long-term floral phenology study at the Shaw Nature Reserve (SNR) in eastern Missouri, using as a starting point a dataset on flowering at the site developed by Edgar Anderson in 1937-1942. New equipment will provide detailed climatic monitoring at the SNR, as well as site-specific monitoring in multiple local plant communities. With collaborators and students, he will elucidate and explore impacts of climate-driven phenological change on local community pollination ecology.