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First-Year Seminar: Introduction to Problem-based Learning in Biology

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 112 - Summer 2020

This course is for students who are interested in learning how scientists discover the underlying mechanisms of human diseases leading to the development of cures and therapies. In this course, students take responsibility for their own active, inquiry-based learning on biological problems that puzzle modern scientists. Instructors will guide students in researching issues of biological importance using primary literature as their principal resource. Learning how to read and interpret existing research articles from scientific literature is emphasized. Topics covered in this class have included cancer, neurological disorders, infectious diseases, the gut microbiome, and stem cell therapy. Students should have a strong background in general biology and be curious and willing to try an active, non-traditional educational experience. The students will be challenged to use their critical and creative thinking in both independent and group work. Prerequisite: high school biology, preferably an Honors or AP course.

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First-Year Seminar: Introduction to Problem-based Learning in Biology
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