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Ampersand: Pathfinder - A Sense of Place: Discovering Missouri's Natural Heritage

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 2431 - Fall 2020

Missouri's Natural Heritage is the first course in the Pathfinder program and will introduce you to your new home for the next four years. This interdisciplinary course will cover Missouri geology, climate, archaeology, and native megafauna. We will explore many of the habitats found in Missouri (prairie, forest, glade, and stream) and the biology of our diverse plant and animal wildlife (arthropods, mollusks, fish, salamanders, lizards, birds, and mammals). This will provide a foundation that will inform your study of ecology, policy and management in other courses. In addition to weekly lecture and discussion, students in this class will visit sites across the state during 3 weekend camping trips and 2 one-day trips. Attendance on field trips is an essential component of the course. Course enrollment is open only to students admitted into the Pathfinder Fellowship program.

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Ampersand: Pathfinder - A Sense of Place: Discovering Missouris Natural Heritage
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