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MedPrep I - The Lecture Series

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 2651 - Spring 2020

MedPrep I (Bio 2651) is a unique lecture series taught by a physician and member of the leadership on the Committee on Admissions for the School of Medicine. Through a weekly 2-hour lecture, students receive accurate, honest, and detailed information regarding every step of the application and admissions process to medical school, the entire educational process including medical school and residency training and pros and cons of life of a physician. MedPrep I is particularly useful for freshman and sophomores in that it reviews the common pitfalls encountered by unsuccessful applicants to medical school and outlines the steps to take in each year of college to be a successful applicant when the time comes. There is no outside course work and no exams. Class attendance is required. A $10 course fee applies. For more information go to the MedPrep website at medprep.wustl.edu. Registration for MedPrep I is done through WebSTAC.
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MedPrep I-The Lecture Series
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