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MedPrep II the Shadowing Experience: Emergency Medicine

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 2654 - Summer 2020

MedPrep II (Bio 2654) offers students a real world, behind-the-scenes experience of a life in medicine. For four hours every other week, students shadow physicians in the Charles F. Knight Emergency and Trauma Center of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, the main teaching hospital of the Washington University School of Medicine. In addition to the shadowing, there is a weekly, required class session every Wednesday from 5:00-6:00 pm. Shadowing every week is permitted, space permitting. Because of the orientation material presented, excused absences will not be granted for the first two sessions for any reason whatsoever, including illness or emergency. There are no outside course work and no exams. HIPAA training and PPD testing are required. For more information please see the MedPrep website at pages.wustl.edu/medprep Pre-registration is done through the MedPrep website and registration is done through the University College registration page. Successful completion of Bio 2651 and sophomore standing or above are required to take this course. During the summer semester students may take both MedPrep I (Bio 2651) and MedPrep II (Bio 2654) concurrently.
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MedPrep II the Shadowing Experience: Emergency Medicine
INSTRUCTOR: Greg Polites
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