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Topics in Anthropology: Biomechanics

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 4106 - Spring 2019

Humans, like all organisms, live and evolved in a world that is governed by the rules of physics and such an engineered world has undoubtedly had a profound impact on the human evolutionary trajectory. Biomechanics is the science of understanding the natural world around us in a mechanistic fashion and has become a major pillar in investigating the human form and function. Understanding how humans and our closest relatives behave in and interact with a physical world can lead to novel insights into the evolution of complex traits, whether it's investigating the mechanics of tissues and structures of the human body or understanding the principles of movement and locomotion. Through lecture, discussion and hands on experience this class will explain biomechanical terms and principles demonstrating how this discipline has contributed to biological anthropology

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Topics in Anthropology: Biomechanics
INSTRUCTOR: van Casteren
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