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Cellular Transformations

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 429 - Fall 2020

Cellular Transformations is a course developed for students interested in using emerging technologies and cross-disciplinary approaches in design production and implementation. This course allows each student to develop abstract thinking and learn modern design and fabrication processes including digital media and 3D technologies. In this course, students learn the basic principles underlying biological architecture, with a particular emphasis on structures and processes responsible for complex architectures within cells. Students then use biological design principles as inspiration for their individual projects. Through digital modeling and scanning of biological structures, each student will develop a transformation process that analyzes the performative aspects of a new emerging design. These designs will be modeled through CADCAM (laser cutting) and Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing) for physical outputs. Prerequisites: Bio 2970 or Bio 334, 3 units.
Course Attributes: BU SCIAR NSMAS NSM

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Cellular Transformations
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