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Independent Research

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 500A - Spring 2021

Students work under the supervision of a mentor in a setting of established ongoing research. Prereqs: junior or senior standing and permission of sponsor and the department. Credit to be determined in each case, usually and not exceeding 3 units/semester. Maximum of 6 units may be applied toward upper-level credits required for the major. If work is to be submitted for Honors, see section on senior Honors in the Handbook for Biology Majors. Students expecting to achieve honors in Biology must complete a minimum of 6 units of Bio 500. Registration is best completed prior to the semester for which credit is sought. For detailed information on the Biology Dept's expectations and guidance in finding a mentor, please consult the Bio 200/500 Home Page. For on-line enrollment instructions see: https://pages.wustl.edu/Bio_200-500_independent_research Students are registered by the department after approval is granted. Registration may not appear Webstac until mid-semester. Credit/No credit only. Course may not be taken for a letter grade.
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