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Biotech Industry Innovators

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 5014 - Spring 2021

The Basics of Bio-Entrepreneurship / Biotech Industry Innovators, investigates issues and choices that inventors / scientists encounter when they are considering the applications and commercialization of early stage scientific discoveries. This course is intended for anyone interested in careers in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, or life-sciences industries as a founder, scientist, entrepreneur, manager, consultant, or investor. The course introduces students to entrepreneurship, angel investing, venture capital investing, technology transfer, intellectual property, corporate partnerships, business planning and strategy. Students with degrees in biosciences may want to consider entrepreneurship as a career path. The course focuses, through case studies, lectures, and class projects, on the issues and decision processes that entrepreneurial researchers and their business partners, typically face when considering how a discovery might best be moved from academia to successful commercialization. Industry experts will join us and make presentations to the class. 3 units. Same as B63 MGT 539.
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Biotech Industry Innovators
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