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Graduate Research Fundamentals

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 5098 - Fall 2021

This course introduces first-year Ph.D. students to the foundational skills, knowledge, and habits of mind required of successful independent biological scientists: 1) Social dynamics in the scientific research enterprise 2) Epistemology and ethics of bioresearch methods 3) Development and communication of research questions and results 4) Interdisciplinary scientific thinking. Class sessions and homework introduce these topics; major assignments prompt student to connect them with the broader scope of graduate training in lab rotations, course work, and interdisiplinary scientific seminars. the interactive, student-driven class structure facilitates autodidactic development while integrating small group activities and peer mentoring from advanced DBBS students. Prerequisite: Students must be enrolled in a graduate program through the Division of Biology & Biomedical Sciences.
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Graduate Research Fundamentals
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