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DNA Repair

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 5318 - Spring 2019

This course is an advanced graduate course that explores all aspects of DNA damage and the cellular responses to DNA damage. It is designed for graduate students who have a working knowledge of Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Cellular Biology, and for interested postdocs and researchers. Specific topics that will be covered are: The chemical basis of DNA damage, specific DNA repair mechanisms, cell cycle responses to damage, translesion DNA replication and mutagenesis, and human diseases related to defects in DNA damage response. The course consists of a lecture module, open to all, and a discussion module for registered students. In addition, several invited speakers in the field of DNA repair will give seminars and meet with registered students for discussion. Students will present and discuss research papers. Grades will be given based on student presentation and participation. Prerequisite; Permission of instructor.
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DNA Repair
INSTRUCTOR: Mosammaparast
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