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Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 5902 - Spring 2019

In this course, advanced graduate students and postdocs in STEM will learn about the fundamentals of the field of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). SoTL is the practice of developing, reflecting on, evaluating, and disseminating results about teaching methods to improve student learning. Students will develop a working knowledge of SoTL by drawing on research in education and cognitive science. Students will gain an understanding of the process of conducting SoTL research through designing and developing the central elements of a SoTL project. Students will articulate a question about classroom teaching that can be addressed by a SoTL research project, develop a working hypothesis in response to the question, and design an evaluative plan (including specific research methods, data collection procedures, a thorough data analysis plan), and gain an understanding of necessary IRB protocols. This course is taught in a hybrid format and will meet in person every other week during the semester. Students will be responsible for engaging with course material online and through assignments on weeks that the course does not meet in person. Prereqs: Must be an advanced graduate student or a postdoctoral appointee with some teaching experience, and must have completed 4 STEM Pedagogies workshops offered by The Teaching Center or received approval from the instructor. Same as U29 Bio 4902. 1 Unit
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Introduction to the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
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