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Entering Mentoring

Biology And Biomedical Sciences 5922 - Spring 2021

This course uses the evidence-based, interactive curricula "Entering Mentoring". The course is a series of facilitated discussions aimed at developing and improving mentoring skills for graduate students and postdocsinvolved in supervising research mentees.. Participants will receive "Entering Mentoring" materials, including articles and worksheets to facilitate mentoring interactions in order to develop effective mentoring relationships. They will develop a mentoring philosophy statement, work on specific assignments designed to improve their mentoring relationships and share their present and past experiences as mentors and mentees. Prerequisite: open to graduate students and postdocs, with priority for those who plan to mentor undergraduates in summer research experiences. Graduate students and postdocs do NOT need to be mentoring a student at the time of the course; it is open to all with an interest in mentoring now or in the future. Note: The sessions will be held virtually. Once registration closes, an email will be sent to those registered to poll for the best days & times.
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