About the Department

The Department of Biology draws its strength from an exceptionally interactive and collaborative faculty, possessing a wide range of interests at all levels of biological organization, and utilizing many different biological systems and model organisms. Our faculty have received national and international recognition for contributions in genetics, neuroscience, development, population biology, plant biology, and other areas of specialization. Work being done in the department has broad implications for the treatment of disease and genetic anomalies, the preservation of endangered species, the development of food crops, and many other global problems centered in the life sciences.


The biology department has 31 full-time faculty members (including five assistant professors hired within the last four years). Our large and thriving community also includes approximately 75 current pre-doctoral students, approximately 50 postdoctoral students, and more majors than any other program in Arts & Sciences. All of our faculty have peer-reviewed grant support—now totaling around $12 million each year—and many hold leadership positions in the scientific community.

Welcome to Biology

Learn about the Department of Biology from Joseph Jez, chair of the department; Denye Mickens, Class of 2021 undergraduate student; and Erica Thomas, fifth-year graduate student.

Remembering Barbara G. Pickard

Remembering Barbara G. Pickard

The Department of Biology is well known for the diverse scientific interests of its faculty member, students, and postdoctoral scholars. We are committed to making the field of science more inclusive by sharing this knowledge with the wider community. We invite you to learn more about the outreach events that our department participates in.

Department of Biology Outreach