Biology Department Newsletter

Our latest issue (no. 88) includes:

-Welcoming Ram Dixit as Biology Department Chair

- Joe Jez reflects on his time as Chair

- Remembering Gar Allen, dear friend and colleague

 Faculty Honors & Awards

 Biology Community:

- Grad student and postdoc news

-Herzog Lab News

- Myers Lab News

-Strassmann Queller Lab News

-Librarian news by Sam Lindgren


Do you have any exciting news to share? Please submit announcements, lab notes and photos to Erin Gerrity.

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Biologue Archive

  • Spring 2022| Issue 87

    Ozpolat joins the Biology Dept; Radin wins regional Olympus Award; More than a lab coat: how Project Biodiversify; and more

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    Includes Chalker Lab and ISP Collaboration, Genius Games created by alum John Coveyou, and more

  • Spring 2021 | Issue 85

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  • Fall 2020 | Issue 84

    This issue features Michael Landis's research, Q&A with Barbara Kunkel, screening of Picture a Scientist, Faculty honors and awards, Biology community news and more

  • Spring 2020 | Issue 83

    This issue features Accepting, Adjusting and Adapting to a new reality: Spring 2020 semester upended by COVID 19 changes, and more.

  • Fall 2019 | Issue 82

    This issue features Haswell Lab moss research, new faculty Michael Landis, Faculty & Staff Honors and Awards, Remembering Barbara Pickard, grad student news, Bio Dept committee updates, Market Fresh Science-Strassmann Queller Lab, greenhouse news, more

  • Spring 2019 | Issue 81

    Joe Jez: One Year as Chair; James Stroud of Losos Lab, Myers Lab news, Strader Lab news, ISP news, Tech news, Grad Student news, Staff spotlight Mike Malolepszy, Biology Staff Retreat and more

  • Fall 2018 | Issue 80

    Roy Curtiss III and Josephine Clark-Curtiss: Life After Wash U; Faculty Spotlights: Mary Lambo and Heather Barton; Myers Lab; Imaging Facility update; Outreach at Claver House; Staff Spotlight: Dianne Duncan; ISP news and more

  • Spring 2018 | Issue 79

    With new biology chair Joe Jez; faculty member Jonathan Losos; staff member Benjamin Abts; Institute for School Partnership news; Biology Community news; a special Super-Sized Safety Spotlight paying tribute to Gerry Rohde, and more.

  • Fall 2017 | Issue 78

    Includes new faculty members Keith Hengen and Rachel Penczykowski; new staff member Marta Wegorzewska; lab news from the Blodgett, Bose, Haswell, Herzog and Vierstra Labs; Tech News; and more.

  • Spring 2017 | Issue 77

    News about the Biology Imaging Facility; Tyson Research Center Garden; special seminars by Tony Weisstein; Faculty & Staff honors and awards; Staff Spotlight Michael Dyer; Biology Community events; Tech News and our Safety Spotlight.

  • Biologue Archive

    All available issues of Biologue since May 2009