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About Our Facilities

The Biology Department at Washington University occupies seven large buildings:

  • Rebstock Hall
  • Bayer Laboratory
  • Wilson Hall
  • McDonnell Hall
  • Busch Building
  • The Life Sciences Building
  • The Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility 

Our department is associated with world class research centers and affiliate institutions such as Washington University Medical School, the Missouri Botanical Garden, and the Danforth Plant Science Center. We provide support to our faculty, staff, and students through high-performance computing resources, scientific editing services, and shared equipment and spaces. 

Department of Biology

Department of Biology Imaging Facility

The Departmental Imaging Facility includes two Laser Scanning Confocal Fluorescent microscopes, a computational deconvolution fluorescent microscope, a three-channel (DAPI-GFP-Texas Red) epifluorescent microscope and wetlab facilities for sample slide preparation. We are available for consultation about the design of imaging experiments, and/or the analysis of image data and instrument training.

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The Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility

This 10,000 square foot’ facility consists of support space, greenhouses and a growth chamber facility. Five greenhouses on the first floor of the building provide a total growing area of 5200 square feet’. The two upper floors contain environmental growth chambers—computer-controlled environments that are programmed by the staff. The computers deliver proper levels of light, temperature and humidity to foster the most ideal growth for the experiments. The facility has over 20 reach-in and walk-in plant growth chambers and two tissue culture chambers. Greenhouse staff assists with advising and tending experiments that are set up by students and faculty for research purposes in both the greenhouses and the growth chambers.

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