Shared Department Equipment

Many facilities in the Biology Department are shared among all members of the department. These include "Charged Centers," such as the plant growth facility, DNA sequencing facility, microscopic facility, computer facility, etc, and "Shared Instruments," such as ultracentrifuges, scintillation counters, spectrophotometers, etc. It is expected that users of these facilities share the cost of maintenance and operation cost.

Autoclaves are available in the following rooms:

  • McDonnell 035 (2 available)
  • Monsanto 402 (3 available)
  • Rebstock 302 (2 available)
  • Rebstock 123 (preference is to leave open for Teaching Lab use; please check with Ben Abts)
  • Plant Growth 111 (preference is to leave open for Greenhouse users; please check with Mike Dyer)


Instrument Model Location Accessories Contact
Ultracentrifuge Beckman L90K Rebstock 326 Rotors: VTi50, SW28, SW60Ti, 70TI, 10.1Ti Bob Kranz
Ultracentrifuge Beckman L 80XD McDonnell 219   Blankenship
Centrifuge Sorval RC5-C Rebstock 326   Biology Shop



Instrument Model Location Contact
Fluorence Imaging Microscope Nikon Eclipes 801 McDonnell 017 Dianne Duncan
Confocal Microscope Nikon A1 McDonnell 016 Dianne Duncan
Deconvolution Microscope CCMI Deltavision McDonnell 019 Dianne Duncan
Photon Counting Microscope Nikon TE 2000 McDonnell 020 Erik Herzog



Instrument Model Location Contact
Phosphorimager BioRad Personal Molecular Imager Monsanto 1st floor computer room Mike Malolepszy
Fuji CCD Imaging LAS 4000 Plus Monsanto 313 Bob Kranz
Fluor S Multi-imager BioRad McDonnell 108 Sally Elgin
X-Ray Processor Futura 2000E McDonnell 133 Diane Duncan
Gel Doc 2000 BioRad McDonnell 133 Sally Elgin


Instrument Model Location Accessories Contact
Lyophilizer Virtis 12 SL Rebstock 326   Biology Shop
Scintillation Counter Beckman LS 5801 McDonnell 051   Phil Osdoby
Q-RTPCR Machine Cedheid Smart Cycler McDonnell 151   Sally Elgin
Automated DNA Sequencing ABI 3130 McDonnell 103   Chris Shaffer
Cryostat Leica CM1850 Monsanto 204   Erik Herzog
French Press SLM Aminco Monsanto 501   Hani Zahar
96 & 384 WEll Microtiter Plate Luminometer Luminoscan Mansanto 306   Bob Kranz
Circular Dichroism Spectrophotometer Jasco J-815 McDonnell 252 Temperature Programmer Bob Blankenship
Nanodrop Spectrophotometer Nanodrop 1000 Monsanto 311   Bob Kranz
Mixture Mill Retsch MM 300 McDonnell 134   Sally Elgin
Refrigerated Shaker/Incubator Innova 4330 Monsanto 313   Bob Kranz
Q-RTPCR Machine Applied Biosystems 7500 Real Time PCR Monsanto 411   Yehuda Ben-Shahar
96-Cell DNA Prep Qiagen McDonnell 134   Sally Elgin
Scintillation Counter Beckman LS 6500 McDonnell 106   Dan Hanson


Back-up Freezers

Instrument Model Location Contact
-80 Freezer Solow McDonnell 105 Biology Shop
-80 Freezer Solow McDonnell 104 Biology Shop
-80 Freezer Harris McDonnell 349 Biology Shop
-80 Freezer Kelvinator Rebstock 326 Biology Shop