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We are an interdisciplinary hub of scholars studying plants, microbes, neuroscience, cellular development, evolution, ecology, & biodiversity at Washington University in St. Louis. 

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Matthew Albrecht

“As a conservation scientist, my work is making a difference in the world and that’s very important to me. I want to have a career that is about passion and about something that I believe makes a real difference. I think that being a scientist makes you approach life with objectivity and that the training as a scientist helps you learn how to read, critique, and think about how the natural world works. I get excited about the basic discoveries that we make with the endangered species that we work with and by the complexities of the biologies of these individual species. When I first started this work, I thought that after a few years of studying one species that you would learn so much about it that you would know what you need to know to help conserve it. I have realized that you could spend a lifetime studying some of these species and still continue to learn more and more about them and their interactions with pollinators and soil microbes and all of these other complexities that are happening in the real world that to me are so fascinating.”

Interviewed by Rachel Becknell

“Being a scientist is about finding out all of these little secrets that are in the natural world that you cannot see with your eyes. For example, one insect I worked on is a major crop pest that destroys fields of squash and watermelon. But it can’t survive without this tiny microbe inside of it. By just looking at it, you would never guess that was the case. To me, it is just fun to be privy to all of these little secrets and to discover new ones and to figure out how our world really works.”

―Justine GarciaPostdoctoral Research Associate

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