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We are an interdisciplinary hub of scholars studying plants, microbes, neuroscience, cellular development, evolution, ecology, & biodiversity at Washington University in St. Louis. 

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Dinesh Gupta

"I was born and raised in Kanchanpur, a small village in eastern Nepal, where I enjoyed working with my parents on our farm. I completed my early schooling in the village and moved to different cities in Nepal for my higher education. During my undergraduate studies, I was fascinated by microbial biotechnology and recombinant DNA technology but my scientific experience was limited due to the lack of funding and infrastructure in Nepal. I moved to Los Angeles, California after winning a diversity visa lottery. Despite my interest, my path to graduate school was not easy. but I am glad that I made it. I completed a master’s degree in Biology with Summa Cum Laude at California State University Northridge and published my first-authored research papers. My family has been very supportive throughout my academic career. I feel happy and proud to be the first in my family to obtain a master's degree and join a Ph.D. program. I am privileged to be part of the Department of Biology, which provides a collaborative and interactive learning environment. I am inspired by many WUSTL community members who go beyond their duties to make sure students are getting the training to succeed in their career goals." Dinesh Gupta, PMB graduate student in the Bose lab

“Being a scientist is about finding out all of these little secrets that are in the natural world that you cannot see with your eyes. For example, one insect I worked on is a major crop pest that destroys fields of squash and watermelon. But it can’t survive without this tiny microbe inside of it. By just looking at it, you would never guess that was the case. To me, it is just fun to be privy to all of these little secrets and to discover new ones and to figure out how our world really works.”

―Justine GarciaPostdoctoral Research Associate

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