Jeanette Goldfarb Plant Growth Facility

About our Facility

This 10,000 square foot’ facility consists of support space, greenhouses and a growth chamber facility. Five greenhouses on the first floor of the building provide a total growing area of 5200 square feet’. The two upper floors contain environmental growth chambers—computer controlled environments that are programmed by the staff. The computers deliver proper levels of light, temperature and humidity to foster the most ideal growth for the experiments. The facility has over 20 reach-in and walk-in plant growth chambers and two tissue culture chambers. Greenhouse staff assists with advising and tending experiments that are set up by students and faculty for research purposes in both the greenhouses and the growth chambers. Check the greenhouse website for the most recent information

Greenhouse staff provides all plant care including:

  • Watering and nutrient management (365 days a year)
  • Pest control, utilizing chemical as well as biocontrol strategies
  • Programming environmental conditions in all greenhouses and growth chambers
  • Greenhouse maintenance and sanitation
  • Autoclaving all greenhouse and chamber plant material
  • Other cultural practices as needed


  • All first time users must go through an orientation conducted by greenhouse staff.
  • No one is allowed to place plants in the greenhouses or growth chambers until it’s cleared with greenhouse staff first.
  • No plant material is to be moved from the greenhouses to the chambers.
  • All mature Arabidopsis plants must be bagged in order to contain seed.
  • All plant material in the greenhouses and chambers must be clearly labeled with name, lab, date, and identification of plant material
  • The JGPGF is a recharge center and a monthly fee is billed to labs. Greenhouse fees are based on space occupied and growth chamber fees are based on the specific chamber being used or on the number of trays in a chamber. Contact Michael for current rates.

Our Plant & Biosciences Labs

  • Plant and Microbial Biosciences Program

    Using plants and microbes to address fundamental biological questions

  • The Haswell Lab

    The long-term goal of research in the Haswell lab is to reveal the molecular mechanisms that underlie the perception and transduction of mechanical signals in plants.

  • The Dixit Lab

    Motivated by the spectacular diversity of cell shapes in nature, which underlies the viability and adaptability of organisms.

  • The Jez Laboratory

    Our research employs biochemistry, protein engineering, and x-ray crystallography to investigate the molecular basis of biological processes in plants, microbes, and nematodes.

Have Questions?

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