High Performance Computing Resources

All members of the Biology Department have access to the cluster at the Center for High Performance Computing (CHPC) located at the Medical School.  The department will pay a flat yearly fee which entitles everyone in Biology  to use the system.  Besides the flat fee, there is no additional charge for the amount of processing done. 
Please visit the main website for Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology for more information.

NOTE: Only faculty can submit account requests. Students and staff will need a faculty sponsor to fill out the request form for them.
Here are some other helpful websites:
Wiki main page
Software available
In addition to the software listed at the link above the managers of the facility are willing to work with individuals to install freeware/commercial packages.  Please see the contact list on the center’s main website.  
As a reminder Biology also has a cluster available. Please see the full list of software installed.  For more information please contact Carl Hennicke (chennicke@wustl.edu) or Frances Thuet (thuet@wustl.edu) with questions or account requests.