Advanced Topics in Neuroscience


This course will expose upper level students and postdocs to advanced topics and methods in Neuroscience. The course will rapidly fill gaps in student knowledge in areas that may be relevant to new directions in thesis work or interest areas. Each section of the course will be offered asynchronously, sometimes in coordination with existing journal clubs and other seminars. Each section will meet for 2 hr per week for 3 weeks. Sections may start with a didactic component or review paper, but will quickly delve into discussion of primary papers curated by faculty and covering a focused topic. It is expected that papers will cover historical and current contexts. Some sections will be techniques-focused; others conceptually focused. Each section will be led by a faculty member drawn from the Neuroscience program in an area of their expertise. Objectives include deepening critical thinking, statistical knowledge, experimental design, and technical prowess.
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Advanced Topics in Neuroscience
INSTRUCTOR: Holy, Golden, Siegel, Musiek, Ching, Seitzman, Monosov, Gabel, Papouin, Tavoni
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