Message from the Chair

Spring is a beautiful time of year at WashU. New blooms on campus remind us that we did it - we got through a long, dark, and physically distant winter. Spring is also the time we celebrate faculty promotions, undergraduate and graduate student awards, and Commencement.

Celebrations often acknowledge accomplishments with social gatherings. We are again celebrating in the physical presence of mentors, colleagues, friends, and loved ones. These celebrations, although modified, are a significant accomplishment. Let's pause for a moment to reflect on the extraordinary scientific and medical efforts that make it possible for us to be together again.

Please also join me in welcoming our newest alumni. We could not be prouder of how they adapted to and persevered in a challenging situation. We are confident that they will face future challenges with compassion and kindness while being the strong and skilled leaders our society needs. Congratulations, Class of 2021!   

Joe Jez

We hope you can take a minute to update us on your personal and professional accomplishments. We also welcome you to share your memories of your time spent at Washington University. 

Connect with Biology

Dani Wilder, BA 2020

Wilder leverages her experiences as both client and provider of disability resources to help local students

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Richard Snyder, BA 1986

Snyder, Founder of Florida Biologix, is named Innovator of the Year for 2020

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Gregory Harrison, BA 2016

Harrison was awarded the 2021 Ceil M. DeGutis Prize

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Awards & Notables

Mahal Bugay

Mahal Bugay, EEPB graduate student in the Penczykowski lab, received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.

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James Stroud

James Stroud postdoctoral research associated in Jonathan Losos' lab, was honored with prestigious American Society of Naturalists award.

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Michael Landis

Assistant Professor Michael Landis received a $1.12M NSF grant to investigate 12 independent radiations of flowering plants in the Hawaiian Island system.

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"My time at WashU was essential to preparing me for grad school - along with my experiences in research and in the classroom, my advisors in these areas truly made my pursuit of a research career possible. My research experiences in Dr. Daved Fremont's and Dr. Misty Good's labs got me excited about research, and my amazing advisors, Dean Kroeger in engineering and Dr. Craig Smith in biology, encouraged me to follow my interests in bio research and in pursuing a bio major. I feel lucky to have met such wonderful people at WashU, from peers to teachers, who played key roles in my college experience - all of these factors ultimately motivated me to pursue a career in research, and I'm so thankful that my time at WashU made it possible."

Lily Xu

Class of 2020, graduate student at Stanford University and recipient of a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

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