Ampersand: The Oncology Healthcare Team


It's news no one wants to hear - "You have cancer." A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. The physical and emotional effects that come with this disease and its treatment can be significant. People often need the experience and skills of several different medical specialists to navigate and treat cancer. The various medical professionals involved in cancer care make up the oncology healthcare team. In this 3nd-semester course, we will partner with Siteman Cancer Center and its affiliates to explore the multitude of professions that constitute the oncology healthcare team. In bi-weekly rotations, students will be introduced to various aspects of cancer-patient care and treatment through members of the oncology healthcare team, including oncologists, pathologists, surgeons, clinical geneticists, nurses, psychologists, and public health professionals. The course is a mix of guest lectures, discussions, site-visits, activities, and shadowing healthcare professionals. Students will reflect on their experiences in weekly journal entries and must submit a final reflection paper that is due at the end of the semester, synthesizing semester experiences with core competencies for individuals desiring to enter a health profession. Prerequisite: Completion of The Biology of Cancer (BIOL 144) & Frontiers in Cancer Research & Treatment (BIOL 1441); enrollment is limited to students in the "Hallmarks of Cancer & Patient Care" program.
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INSTRUCTOR: Smith, Thotala
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