Ampersand: The Science of Biotechnology


Biotechnology is truly interdisciplinary with a myriad of pieces from biology, chemistry, engineering, physics, computer sciences, management, public policy, and law that apply the scientific process to societal challenges. This course introduces topics for science and engineering majors with an interest in biotech and teaches scientific concepts to business students considering careers in biotech management and entrepreneurship. Students completing Bio2010 understand key science concepts, how discoveries lead to applications addressing global challenges, effectively use a variety of resources to explore connections between science and biotech business, synthesize information from different fields, exhibit strong teamwork skills, and communicate information in written and oral forms. This course also provides a gateway for students interested in the two-year Biotech Explorers Program (BEP). The first two weeks of the course introduce students to the history of biotechnology, the BEP, and the use of case studies. The remainder of the course uses a series of four 3-week units that combine lecture material, in-class group assignments, and readings to introduce the science and scope of biotechnology. For each unit, student teams also develop short case studies of St. Louis biotech companies and present their findings to the class. A series of site-visits introduce students to the vibrant St. Louis biotech community. Limited to 16 students. Enrollment restricted to first-year students in the Biotech Explorers Program; interested sophomores can place themselves on the waitlist and may be registered on a space-available basis after BET students have been enrolled.
Course Attributes: BU SCI; AS NSM; AMP

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