Cell-Based Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine


This course focuses on how new directions in cellular, molecular and developmental biology are interfacing with advances in biomaterials tissue engineering, innovative devices, and advanced technologies (such as 3D printing and CRISPR) to replace, restore, and/or correct genetic, acquired, or damaged tissues and organs. Coverage includes the rapidly expanding use of types of stem cells and their preparation alone or in concert with biomaterial scaffolds, nanomaterials, and growth factors. Tissue engineered therapies for cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disorders and other conditions are reviewed. Examples of tissue engineering approaches for regeneration of nerves, cardiovascular, kidney, cartilage, bone, ligament, tendons, and skin are discussed in some detail. Regulatory issues, ethical guidelines, and commercial perspectives will be woven into our discussions. Prerequisites: Biol 2970, Biol 3058, Biol 334. (Biology Major Area B)
Course Attributes: AS NSM; FA NSM; AR NSM

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Cell-Based Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
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