Cellular Neurobiology


This course will present a fully integrated overview of nerve cell structure, function and development at the molecular and cellular level. Broad topics to be covered include gene structure and regulation in the nervous system, quantitative analysis of voltage- and chemically-gated ion channels, presynaptic and postsynaptic mechanisms of chemical neurotransmission, sensory transduction, neurogenesis and migration, axon guidance and synapse formation. Three lectures plus one hour of discussion per week for 14 weeks. There will be 3-4 exams, as well as homework problems and summaries of discussion papers. Prereqs: graduate standing or permission of the instructor.
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Section 01

Cellular Neurobiology - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Mennerick, Nonet, Diantonio, Herzog, Holy, Corbo, Cao, Cavalli, Kerschensteiner, Kim, Bagnall, Gabel, Yi, Chen, Papouin, Ashrafi, Li
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Section A

Cellular Neurobiology - A
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