Chemistry and Physics of Biomolecules


This course covers the major types of biomolecular structure: proteins, nucleic acids, glycans, membranes & membrane proteins. Basic structural chemistry is presented, as well as biophysical techniques used to probe each type of structure. Topics covered include: protein structure, folding & design, intrinsically disordered proteins, biomolecular simulation, macromolecular binding and kinetics, cryo-electron microscopy, polymer statistics, nucleic acid structural biology, nucleic acid-protein interactions, functional RNA, glycobiology, membrane organization, permeability & transport, and membrane proteins & ion channels. Weekly discussion sections cover problem sets and present current research papers. A required course for the DBBS Biochemistry, Biophysics & Structural Biology (BBSB) graduate program. Prereqs; prior coursework in biochemistry and in physical chemistry is recommended, but not required. 3 units.
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Chemistry and Physics of Biomolecules
INSTRUCTOR: Taylor, Ponder, Hall, Holehouse, Soranno, Zhang, Robertson
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