Chemistry and Physics of Biomolecules


This course covers three major types of biomolecular structure: proteins, nucleic acids and membranes. Basic structural chemistry is presented, as well as biophysical techniques used to probe each type of structure. Selected topics include: protein folding, protein design, x-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, nucleic acid bending and supercoiling, nucleic acid:protein interactions, RNA folding, membrane organization, fluidity, permeability and transport, and membrane channels. Weekly discussion section will cover problem sets and present current research papers. One of the required courses for the Biochemistry and for the Molecular Biophysics graduate programs. Prerequisites; prior coursework in Biochemistry and in Physical Chemistry is recommended, but not required.
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Chemistry and Physics of Biomolecules
INSTRUCTOR: Taylor, Ponder, Hall, Bowman, Soranno, Zhang, Robertson
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