Cognitive, Computational, and Systems Neuroscience Project Building


The goal of this course is to help students in the CCSN Pathway develop the critical thinking skills necessary to develop and implement high quality, interdisciplinary research projects. Throughout the course of the semester, each student will develop a research plan in their chosen area of interest. The plan will be developed in consultation with at least two faculty members (from at least two different subdisciplines within the pathway) as well as the other students and faculty participating in the course. The culmination of this course will be for each student to produce an NIH-style grant proposal on the research project of their choosing. For most students, this will serve either as their thesis proposal or a solid precursor to the thesis proposal. The course will be designed to help facilitate the development of such a research plan through didactic work, class presentations, class discussion, and constructive feedback on written work. The course will begin with a review of written examples of outstanding research proposals, primarily in the form of grant submissions similar to those that the students are expected to develop (i.e., NRSA style proposals, R03 proposals). Review of these proposals will serve as a stimulus to promote discussion about the critical elements of good research proposals and designs in different areas. Each student will be expected to give three presentations throughout the semester that will provide opportunities to receive constructive feedback on the development and implementation of research aims. The first presentation (towards the beginning of the semester) will involve presentation of the student's general topic of interest and preliminary formulation of research questions. Feedback will emphasize ways to focus and develop the research hypotheses into well-formulated questions and experiments. The second presentation will involve a more detailed presentation of specific research questions (along the lines of NIH-style Sp
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INSTRUCTOR: Snyder, Barbour
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