Decision Neuroscience


This is an advanced, reading-intensive graduate course. We will meet once a week for 3 hrs and focus primarily on discussing the literature on decision making from various perspecitves. Decision making is a cantral object of study in multiple diciplines including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and economics. Within systems neuroscience, research in the past 20 years has developed in two main areas - namely perceptual decisions and economic (value-based) decisions. Each week we will discuss a specific topic and/or research question. Discussion topics will originate from perceptual decisions or economic decisions, and often be relevant to both. Readings will include experimental papers and computational/theoretical papers. Every week, students are expected to read the assigned papers and to write a short comment before class. In class, we will discuss the papers and the weekly topic in a journal-club format. Participation of PhD students from different programs is encouraged, pending permission from the instructor. The goal of the class is to bring graduate students from different disciplines up-to-date on the current debate(s) in decision neuroscience, and to inspire and support their future research.
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Decision Neuroscience
INSTRUCTOR: Padoa-Schioppa
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