Veterinary science at the forefront of carnivore conservation

Fernando David Nájera Muñoz, St Louis Zoo/Living Earth Collaborative

Living Earth Collaborative/Evolution, Ecology & Population Biology Seminar

Virtual seminar will be broadcast on the Living Earth Collaborative Youtube Channel

Apex predators are rare. As they are at the top trophic level, their ecological roles and ecosystem services collide with a wide range of human interests and conflicts. Nevertheless, large carnivores are necessary for the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem function. Conservation of this taxon requires the efforts of multiple disciplines. Veterinary science occupies a unique niche within conservation programs for these species, and the implementation of this field will unarguably benefit carnivore conservation outcomes. During this presentation, I will go over some documented facts regarding the ecological role of carnivores, their main threats, and finally, two examples of personal experiences to illustrate how veterinarians may contribute to the study and conservation of these species.