Fundamentals of Molecular Cell Biology


This is a core course for incoming graduate students in Cell and Molecular Biology programs to learn about research and experimental strategies used to dissect molecular mechanisms that underlie cell structure and function, including techniques of protein biochemistry. Enrolling students should have backgrounds in cell biology and biochemistry, such as courses comparable to L41 Biol 334 and L41 Biol 4501. The format is three lectures and one small group discussion section per week. Discussion section focuses on original research articles. Same as M15 5068 and M04 5068.
Course Attributes:

Section 01

Fundamentals of Molecular Cell Biology - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Onken, Mecham, Nichols, Mercer, Bose, Dixit, Mahjoub, Piston, Fitzpatrick, Greenberg, Jansen, Kast, Henderson, Dionne, Stratman, Major, Parker, Pagliarini, Froehlich
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Section A

Fundamentals of Molecular Cell Biology - A
INSTRUCTOR: Mecham, Mercer
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