Immunobiology I


Immunobiology I and II are a series of two courses taught by the faculty members of the Immunology Program. These courses cover in depth modern immunology and are based on Janeway's Immunobiology 8th Edition textbook. In Immunobiology I, the topics include: basic concepts in immunology, innate immunity: the first lines of defense, the induce responses of innate immunity, antigen recognition by B-cell and T-cell receptors, the generation of lymphocyte antigen receptors, antigen presentation to T lymphocytes and signaling through immune system receptors. In Immunobiogy II the topics include: the development and survival of lymphocytes, T cell-mediated immunity, the humoral immune response, dynamics of adaptive immunity, the mucosal immune system, failures of host defense mechanisms, allergy and allergic diseases, autoimmunity and transplantation, and manipulation of the immune response. These courses are open to graduate students. Advanced undergraduate students may take these courses upon permission of the coursemaster. Prereq: DBBS students and advanced undergraduates with permission.
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