Introduction to Critical Thinking in Biology


This course is for first-year, non-transfer students only. This course uses thought-provoking questions in biology to develop analytical skills, at the same time understanding what level of content is needed to address such questions. Each class will involve discussion of the questions as well as lecture material as background. It will thus provide an early exposure and springboard into the translation of biology content to problem-solving. The skills learned will be applicable to future challenges The course focuses on molecular biology and processes central to all organisms on earth. The last component of the course will focus on microbiological research, gaining knowledge of the research enterprise to generate new knowledge and the primary literature (published manuscripts). Prerequisite: Limited to 10 students. Freshman with an interest in biology career (e.g. graduate or health professions). The course is also designed to help students prepare for Biology 2960, which is offered each spring semester. Intended for students without strong AP Biology preparation, which is helpful for success in Biology 2960. Credit 3 units.
Course Attributes: AS NSM; FA NSM

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Introduction to Critical Thinking in Biology
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