Introduction to Ecology


This course explores the central theories and principles in ecology and evolution, and the use of these principles to study and predict human-induced environmental changes. It emphasizes understanding species interactions and population dynamics in biological communities, and the relationships between communities and their environment. It regularly touches on applications of these principles such as ecological responses to global climate change, consequences of habitat fragmentation, disease ecology, and conservation medicine. Principles of experimental design, quantitative data analysis and interpretation, and mathematical models are critical to the field of ecology and are also emphasized throughout the course. Class meetings will include lectures, class activities, computer simulation labs, and smaller group discussions to familiarize students with peer-reviewed journals, scientific writing, and current issues in ecology. Assignments include regular homework reading, occasional problem sets, participation in tutorials/discussions, and a small term-paper. Prerequisite: Bio 2970 or Bio 2950 or permission of instructor.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; BU SCI; AR NSM; AS NSM

Section 01

Introduction to Ecology - 01
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Section A

Introduction to Ecology - A
INSTRUCTOR: Gordon, Lopatto, Stemmler
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Section B

Introduction to Ecology - B
INSTRUCTOR: Gordon, McHargue, Youngquist
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Section C

Introduction to Ecology - C
INSTRUCTOR: Gordon, Kallison
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