Membrane Protein Biophysics Journal Club


Cells are encapsulated by lipid bilayers providing a physical barrier for the passage of charged molecules and ions in and out of the cell. Tthe proteins that reside within this layer of oil are called membrane proteins, and they act as the molecular gatekeepers, controlling the passage of ions, nutrients, waste products and signaling elements, across cell membranes. This journal club focuses on examining key literature in the field that investigates how membrane proteins fold, and how they function inside of the strange envirionment of the lipid membrane. The papers will be selected from biophysical studies that combine new and notable research with key historical work, for a broad perspective of the science being conducted in this complex and emerging field. Special emphasis will be placed on emerging topics, such as regulation of protein function by lipid composition, membrane protein synthesis and folding, cutting-edge developments in membrane biophysics.
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Membrane Protein Biophysics Journal Club - 01
INSTRUCTOR: Yuan, Robertson
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