Molecular, Cell and Organ Systems


This in-person course introduces Ph.D. and MSTP students to fundamental problems in cell and molecular biology at the systems level. The course is divided into 4 themes: 1) circadian and sleep systems; 2) neurodegeneration; 3) cancer; and 4) metabolic systems and disease. Topics within each theme highlight current research concepts, questions, approaches and findings at the molecular, cellular and physiological levels. Students will write an original research grant proposal on a topic of their choosing in one of the themes. Students will critique proposals in an NIH-like study section. Prereqs: Fundamentals of Molecular Cell Biology. Learning objectives for this part of your experience are to practice: 1) Critical thinking, including posing a scientific question 2) Principles in ethical and rigorous research 3) Communicating your question and results
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Molecular, Cell and Organ Systems
INSTRUCTOR: Herzog, Rubin
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