Annual Holiday Cookie Baking and Ugly Sweater Contest

The Strader Lab hosted the annual biology department cookie baking and ugly sweater contest. Congratulations to Sam Powers for winning both ugliest sweater and most attractive cookie. In past years, Sam and Cynthia Holland baked these together and won every time! Since Cynthia always chose the shapes, Sam made them simply rectangular this year with more focus on the decorating. Sam graciously deferred her cookie prize to the runner up Isabelle Trier for her adorable melting snowmen cookies. The tastiest cookie prize was awarded to Amanda Ismail for her oreo balls. Thanks to everyone who participated in the baking, wearing and/or tasting of cookies. Pictures of cookies and ugly sweater contestants below: left to right: Sam Powers' cookies, Isabelle Trier's melting snowmen cookies, Sam Powers in the winning ugly sweater, Andrew Lin, Dan Piatchek, Carmel Martin-Fairey, Ilia Katritch, and Jamie Mullin front and back.