Associate Professor Arpita Bose will be a faculty marshal in the graduate student ceremony on May 21st

Arpita Bose will be a faculty marshal in the graduate school commencement ceremony this year.

The Graduate School chooses faculty marshals on the basis of people that have done significant work to advance and support graduate students over the last year. Bose was chosen because of her work with STEM pipelines for women and under-represented minorities; impressive accomplishments in that much needed area. The other faculty marshal will be Prof. Billy Acree in Romance Languages, who has served this year as the chair of the Executive Committee of the Graduate Council, the governing body for doctoral students.

 “Prof. Bose is such an inspiration. Her dedication to mentoring students at all levels, and her work in finding pipelines to attract women and students of color into STEM fields, is a model for what we should be doing here at Wash U.” said ceremony organizer, Prof. Laurie Maffly-Kipp, Interim Dean of the Graduate School and Vice Provost for Graduate Education.

Bose, honored by the request, stated "I take this as an important recognition for diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in addition to research efforts by faculty at WUSTL, and thank Prof. Maffly-Kipp for this special honor. As faculty, our efforts to diversify the STEM fabric are often overlooked compared to our research efforts. I believe that I have a key role as an educator and scientist to help create opportunities for all students. To me my research efforts are intertwined with my efforts to diversify STEM. One is not without the other."