Nucleic Acids & Protein Biosynthesis


Fundamental aspects of the structure, biosynthesis, and function of nucleic acids and proteins involved in processes underlying the central dogma of molecular biology. The class is partitioned into 4 sections including: (1) Nucleic acid structure and protein-nucleic acid interactions; (2) DNA replication, recombination, and repair; (3) Transcription (bacterial and eukaryotic); (4) Post-transcriptional processes (i.e. splicing, translation, and RNA-based regulation). Emphasis is placed on mechanisms of the biosynthetic processes and its regulation. Lecture course supplemented with discussion sections which consist of active learning opportunities centered on reading, presenting, and analyzing literature. Prereqs: Biol 451/Chem 481, their equivalents, or permission of instructor.
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Nucleic Acids & Protein Biosynthesis
INSTRUCTOR: Hall, Galburt, Challen, Mosammaparast, Zaher, Verma
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