Nucleic Acids & Protein Biosynthesis


Fundamental aspects of the structure, biosynthesis, and function of nucleic acids and proteins involved in processes underlying the central dogma of molecular biology. The class is partitioned into 4 sections including: (1) Nucleic acid structure and protein-nucleic acid interactions; (2) DNA replication, recombination, and repair; (3) Transcription (bacterial and eukaryotic); (4) Post-transcriptional processes (i.e. splicing, translation, and RNA-based regulation). Emphasis is placed on mechanisms of the biosynthetic processes and its regulation. Lecture course supplemented with discussion sections which consist of active learning opportunities centered on reading/presenting literature, developing aims, and designing experimental approaches. Prereqs: Biol 451/Chem 481, their equivalents, or permission of instructor.
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Nucleic Acids & Protein Biosynthesis
INSTRUCTOR: Mecham, Hall, Chalker, Galburt, Challen, Mosammaparast, Zaher, Vindigni
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