George Johnson

Professor Emeritus of Biology
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    For the last 17 years, George Johnson has focused his efforts on writing. He has authored seven biology texts, including Biology (a majors' text), The Living World (a non-majors' text), Environment (an environmental science text), and two widely used high school biology textbooks. Over two million students have been taught from these texts.

    Selected Publications

    Johnson, G.B., Raven, P., Berg L. (1996) Environment, Second Edition. Saunders, 579 pp.

    Johnson, G.B. (2000) Biology: Principles and Explorations, Third Edition. Holt, Rinehart, Winston, 1096 pp.

    Johnson, G.B. (2001) The Living World Third Edition. McGraw Hill, 757 pp.

    Raven, P., Johnson, G.B. (2002) Biology, Sixth Edition. McGraw Hill, Dubuque, 1238 pp.