Plant Diversity and Evolution


This course explores the diversity and evolution of vascular plants. It focuses mainly on flowering plants because of their dominant role on our planet, but lycophytes, ferns, and gymnosperms are studied as well. A phylogeny of vascular plants provides the roadmap for their evolution and diversification. Additional topical subjects to be covered include phylogenetics, biogeography, herbaria, nomenclature, species concepts, and pollination biology. The weekly lectures/discussions and (three hour) lab function in tandem and it is the responsibility for the student to integrate information from the lectures with the abundant materials presented in lab. The Tuesday lecture will take place on main campus at Wash U, and the Wednesday lab sessions will make use the abundant and exceptional living and preserved materials at the Missouri Botanical Garden (transportation will be provided). The intended audience is advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Prerequisite: Bio 2970 or Permission of Instructor. Small Class. Credit. (Fulfills Area C in Biology)
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