Research and Public Education in the Arboretum


Washington University's Danforth Campus is home to more than 4000 trees and is now a registered level II arboretum. This urban forest ecosystem has been carefully curated and managed to provide habitat diversity, shade, rainwater mitigation, as well as aesthetic beauty. The arboretum is also an institutional structure to support education, research and public service. This course combines theory and hands-on practice. In this course students will: Learn about the history and philosophy of public natural history museums, botanical gardens, arboreta, and zoos. Learn about arboreta and public gardens around the world. Learn field techniques for monitoring the growth and assessing the health of trees. Students will apply these techniques by contributing to the bio-monitoring and tracking of the trees in the Danforth Campus Arboretum. Students will also learn about the pedagogy of public education in museums, zoos and arboreta and apply the pedagogic practices to development of public education campaigns in the Danforth Campus Arboretum o Apply those practices by serving as an outreach ambassador and leading tours through the Danforth Campus Arboretum. Prerequisite: Biology 3220 or permission of instructor. Small Class. 3.0 units (Biology Major area C)
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Research and Public Education in the Arboretum
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