Research Seminar for Vagelos Fellows


The course will orient Fellows to the specific research environment of their labs and provide them tools to succeed. It will feature short seminars from world-renowned DBBS faculty and DBBS alums. Speakers will emphasize both their science and their career route into academic research, including challenges. This will expose students to multiple paths into and academic careers associated with biosciences graduate training. Diverse speakers will emphasize the desirability and attainability of research training and careers. This course will also include information on the research enterprise, mentorship expectations, rigorous experimental design, quantitative thinking, techniques, rigorous analysis, posing a scientific question, and communication skills. Enrollment limited to Vagelos Fellows. Waitlisted students will be enrolled if space allows. 2.0 units
Course Attributes: AS NSM

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Research Seminar for Vagelos Fellows
INSTRUCTOR: Vigueira, Mason
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