Special Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis


Primarily for graduate and MSTP students, this course is centered on critical evaluation of current scientific literature, which is used as a basis for discussion and grant writing, supplemented with sessions on experimental methodology. Paper discussions will involve oral presentation and discussion of current research articles on pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses) and the cellular and molecular basis of host-pathogen interactions. Emphasis will be placed on understanding methods, critical evaluation of data, and design of future experiments for the articles covered. Students are expected to prepare all articles, to participate actively in all discussions, and to lead one or more discussions during the semester. The grant writing aspect of the course will focus on defining identifying key unanswered questions from the literature, formulating hypotheses for testing, defining Specific Aims, and developing a research plan. Students will submit specific aims based on current literature, receive critiques from faculty members, and develop a NIH-style proposal to investigate them. Students will participate in class discussions and a mock study section to evaluate proposals. Prerequisite, completion of, or concurrent enrollment in the MMMP advanced elective, Bio 5392 Molecular Microbiology & Pathogenesis or permission of the coursemaster.
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Special Topics in Microbial Pathogenesis
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